6-yr Extended Drive Pro Warranty 60HP - 125HP (460 volt / 3-Phase / Chassis)

CODE: 130R2129

Coverage Terms:
DrivePro-tection w/ Start-up combines SU service for one drive with a product warranty upgrade by covering travel cost (maximum 2 hours round trip) to
the customer site and coverage of accidental damage to the product after installation, including the following:
Momentary line or load anomalies such as lightning strikes
Accidental collision after installation
Temporary exposure to moisture or corrosives
Danfoss excludes coverage for failures due to product vandalism, miss-application, shipping or installation damage, chronic destructive site conditions or
site catastrophes such as floods, fires, hurricanes or tornados
Pricing applies to drives installed in the 48 adjacent states; Oahu, Hawaii; Anchorage, Alaska; and Canada. Danfoss will charge for Start-
up and/or service travel time over 1 hour each way; refer to the Field Service Rate price table on page 33 for pricing.
 Lightning Strikes