Danfoss Drives
The Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive is the perfect match for turf irrigation pump control. Our wide range of robust standard features in combination with our industry leading on-board water software
programs provide an unparalleled offering.
(Optional 6 yr warranty includes coverage of lightning strikes!)
Motor Controls Inc.
Motor Controls controllers provide automated variable speed control of multi-pump applications such as Golf Stations, Tank Fills and Lift Stations. Ideal for retrofitting existing stations with energy conserving controls. MPC uses Allen Bradley PLC’s & components exclusively insuring the highest quality and most robust controller in the industry.
Flomatic Valves
Flomatic’s complete line of valve products fulfills all of your pump station irrigation needs. Our valve products support the irrigation, commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. Our manufacturers build a full line of high quality check valves, automatic control valves,
gate valves, foot valves, butterfly valves and more.

Badger Meter
Badger Meter insertion inline impeller products and water flow sensors are used to accuratelymeasure gallons usage of your irrigation pump station. These & other sensors gives consumers direct access to their consumption data and provides tools to help them manage their water use.
GDR Fertigation Systems
GDR Nutrient Injection Systems accurately and reliably inject up to three different nutrients into your irrigation system with the simplicity of digital touchscreen control. Our systems offer superior nutrient monitoring and application using only state of the industry Milton-Roy Pumps.