M100 Filters

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Filtering process:
Water is filtered through the inlet and is pre-filters through the coarse screen and Then filtered through the fine screen. From there it is passed To the outlet and as filtration cake is accumulated on the inner surface of the fine screen pressure differential builds up.

Self-cleaning process:
The M100 piston filters will start the self-cleaning process when the pressure differential across the screen reaches a preset level. At a preset level, the rinse controller opens the flushing valve creating a strong backflush stream through the drainage To the atmosphere. This backflush creates a suction effect at nozzles, cleaning the face of the fine screen directly in front of the nozzle openings. Backflush water now flows through collector pipe via hydraulic rotor To the flushing valve, causing the dirt collector assembly To spin. Pressure drop in the rotor assembly and drainage of the piston forces the collector assembly into axial movement. The combined spin and axial movements ensure that the suction nozzles sweep the entire screen area. When flushing is completed, a second flushing cycle is automatically triggered, pushing the collector assembly To its original position. The combined flush cycle takes 10-15 seconds.

Filtomat M100

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