Series 220 Standard Pump Station Insertion Flow Sensor (Stainless Steel)

CODE: 8220SS0005-1211

Badger Meter

The Model 220B (Brass) and 220SS (Stainless Steel) sensors are used in most general flow measuring applications in metallic, non metallic, or PVDF Pipes.

220SS Insertion Flow Sensor

The sensor mounts in a 2" NPT pipe saddle or Thredolet® for installation in pipe sizes from 2 1/2 " to over 40". Positioning nuts on the three threaded retaining rods allow the sensor to be accurately positioned to the standard insertion depth of 1 1/2 inches into the pipe. When the insertion depth is maintained, and there is at least 10 upstream and 5 downstream diameters of straight uninterrupted flow, an accuracy of +/- 1% of full scale can be obtained between flow velocities of 1 to 30 feet/second.

  • Above grade, non-submersible
  • 20 feet of two-conductor AWG20 with AWG22 drain wire shielded
  • UL-type PTLC wire provided for connection to display or transmitter
  • Rated to 105C