30 HP - 1800 RPM NEMA Premium Close Coupled Pump Motor

CODE: PE286JP-30-4



Specifically designed for use on industrial and commercial pumping units. Suitable for use with variable frequency drives.


* Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium Efficiency® Requirements defined by NEMA MG-1, Table 12-12

* Suitable for wye-delta start on 213JM frame and above

* Corrosion resistant epoxy paint

* Dual voltage ratings suitable for part wind start on lower voltage

* Stainless steel nameplate and zinc plated hardware

* 1.15 Service Factor @ 60 hertz; 1.0 Service Factor @ 50 hertz

* F1/F2 reversible

* Inverter Duty (20:1 Variable Torque; 10:1 Constant Torque)

* Feet are dual drilled on most frames for mounting flexibility

* Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for all windings

* NEMA design B performance

* Windings rated for 2200V peak voltage spikes

* Cast iron frame construction including the conduit box

* Sealed bearings thru 215JM frame

* Lifting provisions on 143JM frame and above

* Regreasable open bearings 254JM frame and above

* Condensation drains with plastic plugs

* Class F insulation system, class B rise at full load

* IP55 Protection - Terminal box is sealed for IP66 protection

* 40° C ambient continuous duty

* CSA + C + US Certification

* ISO 9001 Certification